The sun was going down and it would be dark in a couple of hours.  It had been a very hot day in the desert.  A war worn truck came bumping and rattling down the dirt road paulcked with bomb and shell holes.  They could hardly travel more than twenty miles an hour.  The canvas covering that used to be over the back was all torn away but for a few shreds that were flapping in the wind.  The eight Army personnel on board; five men and two women who were much to young to be here; were as war worn as the truck.  They had been replaced by a new crew and were on their way back to base camp for a hot meal and three days of well deserved rest.

The explosion sent the truck up in the air about three feet and over onto the driver’s side.  The roadside bomb had exploded directly beside the front seat passenger.  He was dead before the sound of the explosion had quieted.  The driver was thrown up and ten feet to the side.  He was dead before he hit the ground.  His body a mangled mass.  The contents of the bomb; nails, screws, bolts, nuts and small, twisted pieces of metal; flew thru the air in all directions piercing and tearing the flesh of the other passengers.  Two were killed immediately and the rest severely if not mortally wounded.

The gasoline tanks on the truck exploded with a deafening roar.  Fire, burning parts and gasoline spewed in every direction covering the truck and bodies.  Their uniforms, hair and flesh all seemed to ignite at once.  The smell was horrific.  The fire burned for an hour and then subsided into smoldering bodies.  They were burned beyond recognition.  Some were just burned black to the point that they looked like marshmallows left to long in the campfire. Others had their flesh burned away until only black bones were visible.  They were with GOD now.

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: Bay Pines Veterans Administration Medical Center

: Bay Pines Veterans Administration Medical Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahhhhhh, the beautiful  State of Florida.  All the site seeing, beaches, swimming, fishing, racing, great restaurants, hotels, food, etc. that any vacationer or resident could ever want; but if you get sick, GOD help you because the Doctors wont or can’t help you.

My personal experience with Florida doctors leads me to believe that this state is a melting pot for foreign medicine students to get their degrees and set up a practice, for quacks to set up a practice, for imposters to set up a practice, and for graduated students in the lower 20% of their class to set up a practice specifically to rip off vacationers and elderly residents.

The worst offenders in this group are the foreign students from Eastern Europe, all of Asia and especially the ones from India.  The doctors from India and people from Iraq that I have dealt with had no scruples what-so-ever. One Indian, Florida doctor prescribed a pain-killer patch for me that was way over strength and then would not talk to me by phone when I thought it was to strong and I came near overdosing because of his “mistake”(?).  No one knows how many of these students are actually muslim spies and will eventually use their education against the U.S.  I’m not sure anyone in todays government really cares.

The United States and each individual state should pass a law requiring that ALL foreign students, no matter what they have studied, should be required to leave the United States and return to their native country within 30 days of graduation.  A large percentage of these foreign doctors and “bottom of their class” doctors end up working for the Veterans Administration and other U.S. Government facilities.  Thus our veterans and other govt personnel often get poor care or none at all.  A good example of one of these Veterans Hospitals is the one in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I speak from my experiences there.

Our citizens and our veterans deserve the best care and doctors available (after all they are certainly paying dearly for it) and not care from some religious fanatic who cannot even speak english well enough for the patient to understand him/her.


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Some of the Cancer Research UK range

Some of the Cancer Research UK range (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Run for the pink ribbon of life.” “Run for the cure.”  Run to the corner bar for a beer would be a better investment.”

A pretty rotten statement?     Yes, but true.  Cancer research began well over sixty years ago and with the exception of chemo therapy and radiation treatments  medicine doesn’t know any more today then when they started.  Scientists do not even know what cancer is or what causes it yet and that’s why they can’t treat it effectively.  In the past sixty plus years, how much money do you suppose has been donated to cancer research?  Millions, Billions, Trillions!!! Where did it all go??  Well, cancer research didn’t get much of it.  You can bet your bippi on that.  Yes, I know that thousands of people have either gone into remission or been cured and I am very happy for them, but how many have died because professional fund-raisers have pocketed most of the money they raised and crooked scientist have embezzled research funds.  How much of that money went to CEO’s, COO‘s, Administration, etc., etc., etc.

And just what is chemo therapy?  It’s nothing but a combination of poisons induced into the human body by an I.V. system to kill the cancer cells.  The problem is it also kills many good cells.  Especially some connected to a persons immune system.  One of my sister-in-laws had radiation treatments for uterine cancer.  They left it on to long and she was burned terribly.  They ended up having to do complete reconstruction surgery of her uterus and other female parts.

BELOW IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH CANCER.    Please read on and perhaps you will see why I am so bitter about cancer research, treatments and the money they have collected and wasted/stolen in a pretence of finding a “cure”

You can call this a biography or a fairy tale, but it is the story of cancer and my wife’s death.  A little background on her life.  She was the sixth of nine children.  Three boys and six girls.  All brought up on a farm in northern Indiana.  Only the youngest two girls and youngest boy are still alive.  The remaining six all died of the same pulmonary disease.  I contend that they were all affected by some chemical used on the farm while they were growing up, but no one seemed interested in the “why” of their deaths.  “They are dead…get them out and into the ground….we need the bed.”  Great attitude.

Early in 2008 my wife was diagnosed as being anemic.  That ment that some how/somewhere she was losing blood.  Her doctor scheduled a colonoscopy. When it was over that doctor said “she has cancer”.  Surgery was scheduled and a large section of her colon was cancerous.  The cancer was removed and the colon reconnected.  The surgeon checked her other organs and said none were infected with cancer.  He said he removed 21 lymph nodes in the area and only one showed any signs that it might be infected.  Otherwise she was free of cancer.  So why did she need chemo???

A week or so after she was released from the hospital, we went for an appointment with the cancer treatment doctor.  She was well-known and respected in her field and had been treated for breast cancer herself.  This doctor wanted my wife to start chemo therapy right away.  I was against that because my wife’s surgery was not yet fully healed.  Her scar extended from her naval to her pelvis and I wanted the doctor to wait until my wife was better healed which would have been a couple more weeks.  I was out voted.  She was to have six treatments over a twelve week period.

The chemo treatments took three hours to administer plus pre-interviews and seeing doctor after.  My opinion of these treatments is that they are nothing but rat poison administered via an I.V.  Sure, it kills the cancer cells, but it also kills a persons immune system making the person subject to many diseases.  Soon after her third treatment, my wife came down with pneumonia because her immune system was so low.  She spent a week in the hospital fighting the pneumonia.  I objected again to starting chemo treatments the very next week.  Out voted again.

Another three to four weeks and the pneumonia was back.  Another week in the hospital curing this.  Ditto the results.  Finally the treatments are over, but she has breathing problems.  After a while she comes down with pneumonia again. back in the hospital again for a week.  She comes home but is prescribed home oxygen.  Each day she is complaining that she cannot get her breath.  I keep turning up the oxygen supply, but she keeps saying she can’t breathe.  On Sat. morning I called my daughter to come help me get her to the hospital.  We decide we can’t do it by ourselves.  We call the ambulance and get her there.  She is put on life support.  I spend all day every day sitting in her room.  At first she improves a little, but then she continues to get worse.  Finally, on Friday, Dec. 5, 2008, the lung Dr. says she is receiving 100% oxygen and cannot breathe on her own.  She died that day about 4:00 pm.  The death certificate says she died of a pulmonary disease not cancer.  We were married 57 years.  She died five months to the day before our 58th anniversary.

I will always believe she died because of the chemo treatments and that her cancer doctor is guilty of a wrongful death.  After she died, I called her Dr. several times, but she did nit return my calls.  On my final call, I told the technician to tell the Dr. “The operation was a success, but the patient died”.  She finally wrote me a letter and one of her comments was “You knew she was going to die anyway.”  Wasn’t that sweet of her.  I just love sympathetic people………YES, I am very bitter about this whole situation.  All cancer research is a farce.  No one in the medical field wants to find a cure for cancer.  It would put to many people out of work and eliminate to many procedures – chemo, radiation, cat scans, M.R.I.’s, X-rays, etc.

The medical field – doctors, INSURANCE COMPANYS, AMA, medical research, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, etc. – are the most corrupt businesses in our country today….  “Keep the population sick and keep us working” would be a good motto for them………  And now we have some Muslim, Socialist, Idiot trying to put the country on mandatory, socialist medicine where the American people will get poor care for an exorbitant price IF THEIR INSURANCE COVERS THEIR MEDICAL PROBLEM.

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Go Ahead, Add Another Story

Pond By The......Woods??

 Displacing wildlife…….. Is this legal?  Should we contact the DNR? 


The construction and development of new apartments at the SW corner of Carmel Drive and Old Meridian Street is coming along as planed by the looks in these pictures taken on April 9, 2012.  Everyone knows when the project is finished, this corner will look a lot “prettier”, but right now it’s an ugly duckling and always will be.  It sticks out like a sore thumb.  So, why don’t we make it really “prominent” and add five or six more floors to it and put a sign at the top that says “QUACK” with a picture painted showing a “smarting thumb” on all four sides of the bldg.  Maybe the developer could add a penthouse on the top floor with an outdoor swimming pool, palm trees and a place to grow vegetables.  I’m sure the workers at Kirk Furniture and the businesses on the east side of Old Meridian St. will enjoy looking out at that monstrosity of a building every day.   Oh yes, and on the triangular out-lot on the south end next to the traffic circle , someone could build a McDonald’s to dress up that corner.  The apartment tenants and surrounding businesses (except restaurants) and hotel would love such a fast food place.  Mayor Brainard and his family could stop in for a “Big Mac” when they go grocery shopping at Meyers.

On the north side of this project, are we building a drainage pond for overflow or a place for our year round geese to swim, love and have little gooses?  At the present time, I’m sure a surveyor would find that the bottom of the hole is only about one mile from the surface of the earth on the opposite side of the world.  Any day now I expect to see a laundromat at the bottom of the hole with a sign saying “No Ticky – No Laundry”.

Please keep tuned in for further progress on this “Make Someone Rich” and help “Mayor Brainard’s Tax Issues” project.

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Ugly Going Up

Ugly Going Up


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Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553): Adam and ...

Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553): Adam and Eve. Beech wood, 1533. Bode-Museum, Berlin (Erworben 1830, Königliche Schlösser, Gemäldegalerie Kat. 567) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bible has been called “The Greatest Story Ever Told“, but it is not supposed to be a story, it is supposed to be the TRUTH and we, the people, are supposed to believe without question……..The way it seems to begin is that GOD made the universe and the earth.  A pretty amazing feat for anyones imagination.  Then it is said HE made the land, oceans, trees, plants, animals, birds, fish, etc. to live on earth and a system by which all could thrive forever.  At this point he had a perfect arrangement.  Unfortunately HE didn’t stop there.  HE proceeded to make two other creatures called humans and HE (I assume it was GOD) called them Adam and Eve.  How HE settled on these two names, I have no idea.  Like everything else HE had created, one was male and one female.  He made them a beautiful garden in which to live and be happy ever after.  Then HE pointed out an apple tree and told them they were forbidden to eat the fruit. (I didn’t know there were apple trees in this part of the earth, but what do I know)  Well big mistake.  GOD thought that humans were perfect like everything else HE had created, but HE found out that Adam and Eve had minds of their own.  They eventually ate the fruit, had sex and had a child.  Thus began the population of the earth and GOD has been sourly disappointed ever since…………Let me interject here that somewhere during the above events the Devil (Satan) came along.  Somewhere I think I read that GOD created him.  But why would HE do that.  Why would HE create an evil entity.  Was it to see if Adam and Eve would eat the apples??  Was the snake really the devil in disguise?

Since I have not read the entire Bible, I do not know what happened after that until Cain killed his brother Abel.  Obviously Cain found a woman somewhere to further the population or the story, and life, would have ended here.  But life went on and for thousands of years many catastrophic events took place.  In my book they would be called natural disasters and not GOD induced events.  but again, what do I know.  There was Abraham a leader of the “Jewish” people,  David killing Goliath, Hercules destroying the Temple, Moses and the Ten command-ments, the parting the Red Sea, etc.  Somewhere during all this turmoil, GOD must have decided HE had made a big mistake so HE instructs Noah to build the Arc; creates the great flood and starts all over again.  But between and during these events there was WAR…..WAR…..WAR.  All of this death and destruction because GOD chose to create Adam and Eve and the apple tree.  There are times to create and times to quit.

During these thousands of years of human development many various religions were born.  Probably the most prominent was Judaism for “GOD’s chosen people“, the Jews.  Some groups worshiped the sun, the moon, idols, animals, snakes and various and sundry other things, but the Jews worshiped GOD.  All of these people thought their “religion” was the best and thus the WARS.  Those wars and all wars down thru the ages until the present day have been fought because of differences in “RELIGIOUS BELIEFS”.  All of this happened before Jesus was born.  SO WHAT WAS GOD’S POINT??  Was HE just trying to correct his original mistake??

After all the flood waters receded and the Arc settled in the mountains, the people, animals, birds, etc. were free to roam the middle East, multiply and repopulate, but the original scenario repeated it’s self.  World 2 – GOD 0 Humanity needed straightening out………So GOD decided to be really dramatic and have a son born of a vergin……..Now this part really baffles me……….He chose Mary who was married to Joseph.  If she was married to Joseph how could she have been a virgin??  Childless, yes; virgin, no.  Perhaps during those times being married didn’t necessarily mean they had had sex……We all know what happened from then on.  Jesus was born, HE grew up to teach and spread the word of GOD which made the Romans fear HIM.  That fear was the cause of HIS crucifixion and GOD thinking the death of Jesus would cause the world to repent, let him die for HIS cause……. But alas, GOD failed again…….The world’s people are not getting any more religious, but less……More and more people are losing touch with GOD.  Governments are removing GOD’s teachings from our lives………..  WILL GOD TRY AGAIN TO MAKE THE WORLD INTO THE PLACE HE ENVISIONED IN THE BEGINNING??……….WILL HE DESTROY EVERYONE AND EVERY THING AND START OVER AGAIN??……….OR WILL HE GIVE UP AND LET US DESTROY OURSELVES??

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Pictures taken March 3, 2012

The inserted pictures show the “CONSTRUCTION OF DISTRUCTION” on the vacant triangle lot surrounded by Carmel Dr., Old Meridian St. and Pennsylvania.  A lot once covered with trees and brush and a couple of run down buildings long abandoned.   The buildings could have been torn down, some of the small trees and brush removed, the large trees saved and made into an eye pleasing piece of property for the workers of the surrounding businesses and the guests at the nearby hotel to see; or any number of things could have been done with that lot without destroying it.  BUT NO; Mayor Brainard, the CRC, the Carmel Plan-Commission, the Zoning Board and other members of the city government will not be satisfied until every tree in Carmel and the miles of surrounding land are cut down and some ugly building occupying the space…………I guess Carmel and Kermit the Frog feel the same way about being/going green.

My understanding is that apartments are going up on this spot.  Why anyone would want to live there I don’t know.  True, Meijer is close by and so are other shopping areas and several restaurants, but the traffic on Old Meridian and Camel Drive and the semi-trucks unloading at the shopping center to the west will be very noisy.  The addition of exits and entrances to the apts. will just cause more traffic congestion being so close to the large Traffic Circle to the South.  It is hard to tell at this point during the construction how many entrance/exit drives there will be, but it looked like one on Old Meridian and one on Pennsylvania.   The residents here won’t have much of a view out their windows.  From what I saw today, this is a very poorly planned project.  I was quite surprised to see that a few trees were left standing on the N.E. corner of the property, but for how long.  It also looked like the whole north part of the property was going to have to be used for drainage purposes.  Just another place for drunks and children to drown and drivers to get stuck.

We all know that the real purpose for this construction and all construction in Carmel is to add to the tax base.  The CRC is in debt to the tune of $275,000,000 and, by the way, only $101,000,000 approved by the City Council. Also, they cannot make principle payments on $79,000,200 and as far as we know they have no visible means to pay it back.  This in addition to all the bonds the Mayor has to pay off for all he has had constructed.  The Carmel Government needs all the tax money they can beg, borrow or steal and, in my book, they have done all three for years.

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For some time now I have wanted to write about what a “GREAT” news paper the Indianapolis Star is; well maybe not great but, “COOL”; no, not cool, but “UNIQUE”.  Yes, unique is it.  (to borrow an old joke)  It’s like catching a rabbit, “u- nique up on it”.

With the decrease in Super Bowl hype, the Star has dwindled down, down, down in size.  It’s like all of a sudden there’s a paper shortage and/or a news shortage.  But then it was “thin” before the Super Bowl.  It has been my contention lately that soon there would be more pages in the “Extra Section” than in the “Sports Section” and I wrote a comment to that effect  to “Let it Out”, but of course it didn’t get printed.  My comment must have been to negative.  BUT, guess what!!  Yesterday they tied.  Four pages to each section and the sports section had more advertising.  I still think it will happen yet.

Today, Sat., Feb. 25, the paper was not only confusing, but, I think, put together by a committee.  You know, those same people who made the camel………..The front page was mostly sports news except for an article at the bottom about making guitar picks and an article about a diet pill which would have served a better purpose if it had been thrown in the round file.  The front page is for “breaking news” not sports……….The Metro+State Section was pretty normal except as usual all the abbreviated stories on page B2 were old news and were available via other media the day/night before and earlier in the week….Then there was a section called “Cars”.  Not much news, but a lot of car ads.  The thing is that Sections A, B and C were all padded with pages of car ads to make them look thicker instead of putting them in the car section.  The Sports section had a whopping 10 pages today.  It usually has 4 or 5 including ads.  Page 10 was completely car ads.  Three of the other pages were 3/4 covered with car ads.  I’m not complaining about the ads, only their placement.  I understand that advertising is the life’s blood of any newspaper……….The “Home+Garden section” was a farce.  Two articles about two plants, a calendar and what to do in the garden in March.  The calendar was pretty much a repeat of an earlier one and the few home articles applied to a very few wealthy people.  One would think there wasn’t any news in this country or the rest of the world.  There are several local, national and foreign news agencies that would be happy to furnish news to the Star if the Star reporters and editors would do their jobs.

When I moved to this city in 1954, there were two newspapers.  The Star, a morning paper and The News, an evening paper.  We had complete news coverage, competition, varied opinions of the news, more photos and more political “interpretations”.  Both the Star and the News had great Sunday additions with write-ups about local events of schools, garden and other clubs, etc. that covered 2 or 3 pages.  When the Star was bought out by its present owners, the paper started going down hill and it’s still sliding.  BUT, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.  With the introduction of television and computers many things have changed.  On the internet, we can read what is happening all over the world within minutes of it’s happening,   But I am “old school”.  I like to read the paper every day and do the crossword and other puzzles.  But, more and more the news is being read on the internet rather than in the newspaper.  The same thing is happening with T.V. news…………….Are newspapers becoming one of those things that won’t last forever.

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Hearing aids. Photo taken in the United States.
Image via Wikipedia

Not very many people, including myself, will argue that hearing aids are not a good invention.  They have helped thousands of people hear again, or better, especially older people like myself.  Regardless, I have always thought that they were a big rip-off and still do.  Compared to other electronic devices, they are grossly over priced.  If Laptops, PC’s, Printers, Digital Cameras, I-Pads, I-Pods and Pea-Pods (with cameras, touch operation, and all their other gadgets) etc. can be purchased for $500.00 or less than there is no reason for a digital hearing aid for one ear to cost $1500.00 or more; that is of course, unless the Manufacturers and Professional Hearing Companies who represent/sell hearing aids are stiffing the public and my opinion is that they certainly are and always have.

I came into a new pair of digital hearing aids, similar to the ones pictured above, a few months ago. I took them to the hearing service they were purchased from (they were all paid for) and was told I had to have impressions taken for ear fit etc, etc, etc.  and I would be charged about $300.00 for the “services”.  When the “services” were finished, I went to pick them up and the “Dr.” inserted them for me, adjusted the sound level, explained how they worked, explained how to care for them and clean them, gave me all kinds of literature, cleaning tools, batteries, etc.  Then she said “my fee will be $700.00”.   The sound of the “rip” was like when you bend over and the seam in your pants/slacks rips open because they are to tight.  I wrote out the check and left without a word.  I have been back a few times (at no charge) to have the volume adjusted.  Volume adjustments have to be made with a computer.  I know there are better high-tech speakers out there in sound land than what are used in hearing aids.  It turns out that the biggest adjustment is for the wearer to “Get Used To Them”.  This was stressed many times over during my appointment.  The reason, of course, is because the reception through hearing aids is poor at best.  They “crackle”.  The crackle sound is much like crunching cellophane in your hands only magnified several times over.  The more the sound is adjusted up, the louder the crackle.  This is what the patient has to “Get Used To”.  Some people never do and they end up not wearing them.  I didn’t have much trouble with this problem and after they are first inserted in my ears, I forget they are there unless I try to scratch my ear.  My biggest complaint with them (other than the high cost) is their maintenance.  They are the biggest pain in the ass to care for than any other thing I have come across (except maybe a woman, at times).

Television with, or without, hearing aids, is a “BITCH” at best.  Each net-work and commercial has its own sound level.  I am watching channel 20 as I write this and the sound level is on “20” with my hearing aids inserted.  Another channel might be sound level “12” and I always have to put the sound on mute when a commercial comes on because they are so much louder.  My apartment neighbors must, at times, think that I am deaf as a “door nail”.  I have not had any com-plaints as YET though I expect one at any time.  At times I have had my volume turned up to level “30” so I could hear the program.  Some of this problem is due to actors speaking almost in a whisper.

I have been on Medicare with supplemental insurance for 17 years.  Neither Medicare nor my supplemental covers hearing aids although I know that some health insurance plans do cover them.  Why Medicare does not cover them is a mystery to me.  Hearing loss is definitely a legitimate health problem.  Yes, I am a veteran and I used to go to the vets hospital for medication and other services and yes, they will give a vet hearing aids if the vet is eligible.  One day I had a 1:00 p.m. appointment.  I was there in plenty of time.  At 5:00 p.m. I went to the check in window for the third time and explained about the time of my appointment.  I also explained that I would not be back to their hospital again.  The “minority” person who waited on me couldn’t have cared less.  I have never been back since.  The V.A. hospital in Indianapolis is the worst place for veterans to get care in the United States and some of these veterans are homeless people who our Govern-ment has abandoned and have no other form of insurance.

At the present my right hearing aid works fine, but the left does not. As a matter of fact I think I have gone almost completely deaf in my left ear.  One of these days (when the spirit moves me) I’ll go see a hearing specialist and see what’s going on.  This brings me to another “beef” with the hearing industry.  Ear specialists can only examine a person and tell him/her if they need hearing aids.  They cannot sell them hearing aids or recommend where or what brand to buy. An opthimologist can examine a person for glasses, give him/her a prescription and have an interest in a business in the same office that sells glasses.  How is this right???……….

New Federal Regulations – Strict Control Over Hearing Aids……….  Ind. Code § 25-20-1-23  : Indiana Code – Section 25-20-1-23: Rules and regulations…………….For more information on up to date hearing aid regulations, check out these sites.

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Jesus Christ Crucifix
Image via Wikipedia

In a few days the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ or is it Santa Clause.  For true believers, it will be Jesus.  For “part-time believers”, it will be both.  For atheists, I don’t know if they believe in Santa or not.  Who will it be for you……Are you a Merry Christmas person or a Happy Holidays person???

I am not a religious expert nor am I a fanatic.  I am just me.  An ordinary, every day person with his own beliefs and opinions.  In the realm of religion, I would probably be considered a Christian although I do not belong to any of the many Christian denominations nor do I belong to any of the many religions that exist around the world.  Am I an atheist or agnostic?  I don’t think so; I just believe myself to be a non-believer, but then, I also, have doubts.  Everyone has the right to choose his/her religion and that choice should be respected by everyone else.  I have one exception to this “rule”.  I will never again respect, believe or trust anyone who is a Muslim or chooses the Muslim religion.

Did HE really exist??     Does HE really exist??     I don’t know.    I don’t think so.    All the real proof we have is a book or perhaps I should say a book for most religions.  For now let’s stick to the Christian book we call the Bible.  The “Old Testament“(Hebrew Bible) written thousands of years ago before Jesus and the “New Testament” written in the first century (or there about) after Jesus.  Why and how did the Bible get chosen to be believed.  There are other books about deities (good and bad) so why the Bible.  Again, I don’t know.

Over the years archaeologists, anthropologists, etc. have found sites of old cities, towns, Temples, forts, documents (Dead Sea Scrolls), etc. with many artifacts of the history of the world; but no real proof that God or Jesus really existed.  That being the case, why do people still choose to believe in God and Jesus.  My opinion:  The idea of one God has been around since humans developed a brain that could conceive such a thought and someone (probably the Israelites) was able to convince others to believe.   My opinion:  People needed something or someone to believe in after death to make their lives here on earth worth while.

My opinions concerning the spread of religion (all religions) will make some people angry, some hate me, some curse me and so on down the line; but I am going to express it anyway.  If Jesus and His Disciples ever existed, they are included also.  My thoughts are that all the different religions were begun by the kind of men we refer to today as “con men”.  Men who had the power to persuade masses of people into believing and following them.  Some thrived on that power and were satisfied.  Others used that power to also become both powerful and wealthy.  This type of person has existed down through the ages.  Those who come to mind are Muhammad, Buddha, past Popes, Billy Sunday, Oral Roberts, Louis Farrakhan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Billy Graham,  Jesse Jackson, etc., etc., etc.    All of these people and many of todays ministers who are M.L.K.,Jr. wannabes are using religion to get power and/or for their own personal gain.

Regardless of all the above, I am one who believes in keeping Christ in Christmas and the greeting should be “Merry Christmas”  NOT  Happy Holidays or any other “politically correct” greeting.

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