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     Three Point Turn                 THE NERVE OF SOME PEOPLE

If you want to find GOD, just go to the Florida license branches.  There are several working there who think,they are Him.  Our Majority/Minority have found a home for their employment and believe me they use their position to take advantage of every customer.  Especially if the customer is white.  “Reverse Racism” is alive and well………..

Recently I was visiting a friend in Bradenton, FL.  On his 86th birthday, he went to renew his driver’s license.  Yes 86 is pretty old, but if you are in decent health it shouldn’t matter.  In the back of my friend’s mind he was thinking about not getting his renewal because of his age.  Yes, he was nervous and afraid of failing.  How many people do YOU know who want to give up their driving privilege?????  NONE     Right off the bat the clerk jumped on him with a very unwelcome greeting.  I don’t know if she had personal problems, was having a bad day, sat on her Obama pin or just had the rag on, but from there, things went down hill.  The clerk became a veritable  “BITCH”  and my friend just kept getting more nervous and upset………In the end the clerk failed him because he was nervous and SHE didn’t think he was physically fit.  WHO IN HELL WAS SHE to decide his state of health.  She sent him to a State Branch in SARASOTA, FL on the next day with an appointment to take a driving test;  giving my friend NO chance to recover nor regain his composure from his experience……….. The next day when we arrived at the branch for him to take the driving test, my friend was not only nervous, but depressed and tired from not much sleep the night before.  The check in clerk was quite pleasant (she was white) and throughout our stay she seemed to treat everyone the same way.  I took the above picture of the various driving fees while waiting.  Our seats in the waiting room were situated so that we could see all the clerks except one.  They were all black and so was the driving test instructor and they were all women.  We (his wife and I) could not hear what was being said, but we could see all the customer’s faces.  It was very obvious that the black and hispanic customers were treated much better than the whites.   AGAIN; in the end the tester failed my friend.  NOT because of his physical condition, but because he failed to correctly execute a “THREE POINT TURN“.  I have driven for about 65 years and NO ONE ever mentioned a three point turn.  If you are a driver, about to become a driver, you live in Florida and you are white, I suggest you go to a Florida License Branch and get a drivers manual and study it well.  They were “kind” enough to give my friend a temporary license, BUT he cannot drive unless he has an adult licensed driver riding with him.  There is a word for this little episode, but I will not use it here.

TWELVE DAYS LATER……….and my friend made his third attempt to renew his driver’s license.  As in the beginning, so it was in the end.  The “Goddesses” rose up from their throwns and struck him down.  He was even more nervous and upset than at the previous test and when he saw that he was getting the same driving instructor as before, every chance he had for passing went up in smoke.  He made a number of mistakes and the instructor deducted 31 points from his total score.He is now permanently bared from driving.

One more thing I would like to say about “this” branch.  It was a DUMP………..An old ramshackle bldg. behind some trees, very hard to find, waiting room much to small, bathrooms dirty and I use that word loosely.  Why the State Health Board hasn’t closed it down as unclean and unsafe is beyond me.  The head of the Florida Bureau of Motor Vehicles must be very PROUD.

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My New Landlord

Since October, 2010, I have lived in an apartment complex called “Nora Commons on the Monon” for adults 55 years old or older in a large midwest city.  The whole bldg. was only a few years old so every thing looked new and unused and was in good looking shape…….looks are deceiving.   The dishwasher, even though I washed all food particles off, would not get the dishes clean and left a soap residue on them.  The refrigerator made so much noise when it was running, I thought they were thrashing wheat outside my window.  Every time I had a bowel movement, it stopped up the toilet and sometimes took as many as 7 flushings (in between plunges) to open it up.  I’m sure that didn’t help the amount of my water bill.  So much for new apartments with very cheap appliances.

Let me complete my personnel picture.  I am an 81-year-old who had two strokes and several heart procedures (including four stents inserted) and was put on cumadin in the summer/fall of 2011.  In early 2012 I was told it would be best not to live alone. I had an invitation from my brother’s sister-in-law to go to Florida and spend the winter in the fall of 2011.  (I had stayed with her a couple of years earlier and it was a pleasant visit.)  I did not accept and spent the winter in my apt. because of scheduled blood tests and I wasn’t the pepyest, most mobile person in town.  Lucky for me the winter was very mild.  After I was told I shouldn’t be living alone, I decided to except the invitation and in early April I gave up the apt., stored most of my belongings and came to Florida.  I have not been sorry; or have I????

In this little memoir, I am going to call her Koko (Maybe Coocoo would be better but……..)  to save her the embarrassment of people knowing that she knows me.  We have known each other for several years.  Right off the bat I told her I wanted to pay half of the household bills and to figure out how much that would be.  I may be a lot of things, but I’m not a “dead-beat”.  She told me how much.  I said “that’s ridiculous.”  She said “O.K. get out.”  We were off on the right foot…….  I said “what about meals.”  She said “I’ll fix the noon meal.  As for the rest you’re on your own.”   I said “what the hell is this???”  She said “O.K. get out.”  I asked her about the laundry.  She said “I don’t mind doing the laundry I have a new washing machine.  I’ll do it, you put it away.”  We had several other discussions about “rules” and I lost most, but I did win the air conditioner battle.  She seldom turned it on even when it was 90 degrees in the house.  She said electricity cost to much and I told her I would pay for it.  If I wanted to die from suffocation, I would have moved to the desert.  Of course, I guess I could have sat in front of the refrigerator with the door open instead.

Since those first couple days we have kind of settled down together.  She did ask me a few days ago if I wanted some scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and of course I said yes.  She said “good luck” and laughed.  I thought, “Mannnn, what have I gotten into……………….For lunch sometimes she asks if I would like to have so and so. Frozen meals are her “specialty”.  I say O.K. and she says “I’ve never had this before.  I don’t know if we will like it”.  Oh great, I get to be a guinea pig again.  Now I go to the grocery store with her and buy some of the things I like instead of her just buying what’s on sale.  Guinea pigs may have a good life where ever they come from, but not here.  I have eaten meals here that I would have made me walk right by in the service.  I mean S.O.S. would be a gourmet meal. I don’t have to worry about getting that.  She doesn’t do breakfasts.

June 7:  Today we made another trip to the grocery store. Two of them in fact.  Thursday is the start of the sales.  I wish to GOD they had never heard of “Buy one, Get One Free“.  My sister-in-law is the biggest sucker for this marketing gimmick there ever was and she talks Koko into them every time.  Today we went our separate ways in the store.  She picked up a few things and so did I.  We met at the meat counter.  She had two-quart jars of mayonnaise.  “Why did you get those” I asked.  Because they are “buy one get one free and they are dated 2013”.  She had a jar of the same stuff at home in the refrigerator that was over half full and I was the only one who had used it since I got here.  I said “we don’t need those”.  We won’t use them up before 2113″.  She said “I’m going to have to teach you how to shop”!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought to my self ” These two women are wacko”.

She also informed me that she is not a good housekeeper and hates to clean.  This afternoon a TV news reporter came on and announced that Obama was going to make a statement about our economy.  She asked if she should turn the sound up.  I said “No, I don’t want to listen to that idiot”.  She must have been of the same opinion because she turned it off.  “I’m going to do a little vacuuming” she says.  I thought, my GOD their’s something wrong with her and said “Are you sick”?  “No, I’m alright I’m just going to do the rugs”.  I said, “Are you sure you don’t have a fever”?  She laughed out loud, repeated what I said and chuckled to her self all the way down the hall.

I guess we will one day get our differences worked out as soon as we get used to each others little quirks.  I hope so.  At 81, I don’t know how many of these shocks  I can take.

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The sun was going down and it would be dark in a couple of hours.  It had been a very hot day in the desert.  A war worn truck came bumping and rattling down the dirt road paulcked with bomb and shell holes.  They could hardly travel more than twenty miles an hour.  The canvas covering that used to be over the back was all torn away but for a few shreds that were flapping in the wind.  The eight Army personnel on board; five men and two women who were much to young to be here; were as war worn as the truck.  They had been replaced by a new crew and were on their way back to base camp for a hot meal and three days of well deserved rest.

The explosion sent the truck up in the air about three feet and over onto the driver’s side.  The roadside bomb had exploded directly beside the front seat passenger.  He was dead before the sound of the explosion had quieted.  The driver was thrown up and ten feet to the side.  He was dead before he hit the ground.  His body a mangled mass.  The contents of the bomb; nails, screws, bolts, nuts and small, twisted pieces of metal; flew thru the air in all directions piercing and tearing the flesh of the other passengers.  Two were killed immediately and the rest severely if not mortally wounded.

The gasoline tanks on the truck exploded with a deafening roar.  Fire, burning parts and gasoline spewed in every direction covering the truck and bodies.  Their uniforms, hair and flesh all seemed to ignite at once.  The smell was horrific.  The fire burned for an hour and then subsided into smoldering bodies.  They were burned beyond recognition.  Some were just burned black to the point that they looked like marshmallows left to long in the campfire. Others had their flesh burned away until only black bones were visible.  They were with GOD now.

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: Bay Pines Veterans Administration Medical Center

: Bay Pines Veterans Administration Medical Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahhhhhh, the beautiful  State of Florida.  All the site seeing, beaches, swimming, fishing, racing, great restaurants, hotels, food, etc. that any vacationer or resident could ever want; but if you get sick, GOD help you because the Doctors wont or can’t help you.

My personal experience with Florida doctors leads me to believe that this state is a melting pot for foreign medicine students to get their degrees and set up a practice, for quacks to set up a practice, for imposters to set up a practice, and for graduated students in the lower 20% of their class to set up a practice specifically to rip off vacationers and elderly residents.

The worst offenders in this group are the foreign students from Eastern Europe, all of Asia and especially the ones from India.  The doctors from India and people from Iraq that I have dealt with had no scruples what-so-ever. One Indian, Florida doctor prescribed a pain-killer patch for me that was way over strength and then would not talk to me by phone when I thought it was to strong and I came near overdosing because of his “mistake”(?).  No one knows how many of these students are actually muslim spies and will eventually use their education against the U.S.  I’m not sure anyone in todays government really cares.

The United States and each individual state should pass a law requiring that ALL foreign students, no matter what they have studied, should be required to leave the United States and return to their native country within 30 days of graduation.  A large percentage of these foreign doctors and “bottom of their class” doctors end up working for the Veterans Administration and other U.S. Government facilities.  Thus our veterans and other govt personnel often get poor care or none at all.  A good example of one of these Veterans Hospitals is the one in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I speak from my experiences there.

Our citizens and our veterans deserve the best care and doctors available (after all they are certainly paying dearly for it) and not care from some religious fanatic who cannot even speak english well enough for the patient to understand him/her.


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Some of the Cancer Research UK range

Some of the Cancer Research UK range (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Run for the pink ribbon of life.” “Run for the cure.”  Run to the corner bar for a beer would be a better investment.”

A pretty rotten statement?     Yes, but true.  Cancer research began well over sixty years ago and with the exception of chemo therapy and radiation treatments  medicine doesn’t know any more today then when they started.  Scientists do not even know what cancer is or what causes it yet and that’s why they can’t treat it effectively.  In the past sixty plus years, how much money do you suppose has been donated to cancer research?  Millions, Billions, Trillions!!! Where did it all go??  Well, cancer research didn’t get much of it.  You can bet your bippi on that.  Yes, I know that thousands of people have either gone into remission or been cured and I am very happy for them, but how many have died because professional fund-raisers have pocketed most of the money they raised and crooked scientist have embezzled research funds.  How much of that money went to CEO’s, COO‘s, Administration, etc., etc., etc.

And just what is chemo therapy?  It’s nothing but a combination of poisons induced into the human body by an I.V. system to kill the cancer cells.  The problem is it also kills many good cells.  Especially some connected to a persons immune system.  One of my sister-in-laws had radiation treatments for uterine cancer.  They left it on to long and she was burned terribly.  They ended up having to do complete reconstruction surgery of her uterus and other female parts.

BELOW IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH CANCER.    Please read on and perhaps you will see why I am so bitter about cancer research, treatments and the money they have collected and wasted/stolen in a pretence of finding a “cure”

You can call this a biography or a fairy tale, but it is the story of cancer and my wife’s death.  A little background on her life.  She was the sixth of nine children.  Three boys and six girls.  All brought up on a farm in northern Indiana.  Only the youngest two girls and youngest boy are still alive.  The remaining six all died of the same pulmonary disease.  I contend that they were all affected by some chemical used on the farm while they were growing up, but no one seemed interested in the “why” of their deaths.  “They are dead…get them out and into the ground….we need the bed.”  Great attitude.

Early in 2008 my wife was diagnosed as being anemic.  That ment that some how/somewhere she was losing blood.  Her doctor scheduled a colonoscopy. When it was over that doctor said “she has cancer”.  Surgery was scheduled and a large section of her colon was cancerous.  The cancer was removed and the colon reconnected.  The surgeon checked her other organs and said none were infected with cancer.  He said he removed 21 lymph nodes in the area and only one showed any signs that it might be infected.  Otherwise she was free of cancer.  So why did she need chemo???

A week or so after she was released from the hospital, we went for an appointment with the cancer treatment doctor.  She was well-known and respected in her field and had been treated for breast cancer herself.  This doctor wanted my wife to start chemo therapy right away.  I was against that because my wife’s surgery was not yet fully healed.  Her scar extended from her naval to her pelvis and I wanted the doctor to wait until my wife was better healed which would have been a couple more weeks.  I was out voted.  She was to have six treatments over a twelve week period.

The chemo treatments took three hours to administer plus pre-interviews and seeing doctor after.  My opinion of these treatments is that they are nothing but rat poison administered via an I.V.  Sure, it kills the cancer cells, but it also kills a persons immune system making the person subject to many diseases.  Soon after her third treatment, my wife came down with pneumonia because her immune system was so low.  She spent a week in the hospital fighting the pneumonia.  I objected again to starting chemo treatments the very next week.  Out voted again.

Another three to four weeks and the pneumonia was back.  Another week in the hospital curing this.  Ditto the results.  Finally the treatments are over, but she has breathing problems.  After a while she comes down with pneumonia again. back in the hospital again for a week.  She comes home but is prescribed home oxygen.  Each day she is complaining that she cannot get her breath.  I keep turning up the oxygen supply, but she keeps saying she can’t breathe.  On Sat. morning I called my daughter to come help me get her to the hospital.  We decide we can’t do it by ourselves.  We call the ambulance and get her there.  She is put on life support.  I spend all day every day sitting in her room.  At first she improves a little, but then she continues to get worse.  Finally, on Friday, Dec. 5, 2008, the lung Dr. says she is receiving 100% oxygen and cannot breathe on her own.  She died that day about 4:00 pm.  The death certificate says she died of a pulmonary disease not cancer.  We were married 57 years.  She died five months to the day before our 58th anniversary.

I will always believe she died because of the chemo treatments and that her cancer doctor is guilty of a wrongful death.  After she died, I called her Dr. several times, but she did nit return my calls.  On my final call, I told the technician to tell the Dr. “The operation was a success, but the patient died”.  She finally wrote me a letter and one of her comments was “You knew she was going to die anyway.”  Wasn’t that sweet of her.  I just love sympathetic people………YES, I am very bitter about this whole situation.  All cancer research is a farce.  No one in the medical field wants to find a cure for cancer.  It would put to many people out of work and eliminate to many procedures – chemo, radiation, cat scans, M.R.I.’s, X-rays, etc.

The medical field – doctors, INSURANCE COMPANYS, AMA, medical research, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, etc. – are the most corrupt businesses in our country today….  “Keep the population sick and keep us working” would be a good motto for them………  And now we have some Muslim, Socialist, Idiot trying to put the country on mandatory, socialist medicine where the American people will get poor care for an exorbitant price IF THEIR INSURANCE COVERS THEIR MEDICAL PROBLEM.

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Go Ahead, Add Another Story

Pond By The......Woods??

 Displacing wildlife…….. Is this legal?  Should we contact the DNR? 


The construction and development of new apartments at the SW corner of Carmel Drive and Old Meridian Street is coming along as planed by the looks in these pictures taken on April 9, 2012.  Everyone knows when the project is finished, this corner will look a lot “prettier”, but right now it’s an ugly duckling and always will be.  It sticks out like a sore thumb.  So, why don’t we make it really “prominent” and add five or six more floors to it and put a sign at the top that says “QUACK” with a picture painted showing a “smarting thumb” on all four sides of the bldg.  Maybe the developer could add a penthouse on the top floor with an outdoor swimming pool, palm trees and a place to grow vegetables.  I’m sure the workers at Kirk Furniture and the businesses on the east side of Old Meridian St. will enjoy looking out at that monstrosity of a building every day.   Oh yes, and on the triangular out-lot on the south end next to the traffic circle , someone could build a McDonald’s to dress up that corner.  The apartment tenants and surrounding businesses (except restaurants) and hotel would love such a fast food place.  Mayor Brainard and his family could stop in for a “Big Mac” when they go grocery shopping at Meyers.

On the north side of this project, are we building a drainage pond for overflow or a place for our year round geese to swim, love and have little gooses?  At the present time, I’m sure a surveyor would find that the bottom of the hole is only about one mile from the surface of the earth on the opposite side of the world.  Any day now I expect to see a laundromat at the bottom of the hole with a sign saying “No Ticky – No Laundry”.

Please keep tuned in for further progress on this “Make Someone Rich” and help “Mayor Brainard’s Tax Issues” project.

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Ugly Going Up

Ugly Going Up


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