Home care (mostly for the elderly) companies are probably in the top five fraudulent medical entities in the medical field for medicare and medicade.  I have had experience with about six different home care companies in the last four plus years.  One of these (the first one) was recommended to me by the hospital in which I had been admitted.  One was a private company which I paid for “out-of-pocket” at a cost of $19.95 per visit.  To my knowledge at this writing, the hospital associated group charged the most per visit, but their charges varied if it was a nurse, a therapist or a general care (baths, etc.) person.  I am not aware of the actual cost because Medicare and my supplemental insurance were billed directly.  I never received a copy of their billing or any type of notification of what they charged.

One of the biggest drawbacks to home care is that medicare/medicade only allows a limited time in which home care is eligible after being released from the hospital.  By the time the nurse/employee comes to evaluate the home care patient and turns in that evaluation up to two weeks could have passed.  Then by the time the first employee comes to do their job, another two weeks could have passed and a patience medicare time for care is over.  What the hell good does that do the patient???  I NEED CONTINUAL HOME CARE.  My main need for home care is to get a decent bath at least twice a week and have a nurse come to the house when I need blood drawn and take to the test site.  There have been times when I have gone four months, or more, without getting a proper bath.  As a result, I have been in a continual battle with “bed soars”.

Another drawback to home care involving private companies is their lack of proper personnel to care for patients they sign up.   I had one company (to the best of my knowledge) only had two or three employees.  The evaluator and an employee who had to cover an unbelievable amount of distance between patients and their home office.  Sometimes as much as 100 miles. Which of course, is ridiculous.  The reason for this is low pay scale of course.  If fast food employees deserve $15.00/ hr., home care worker certainly  deserve more.  The employee turnover in the home care business is unbelievable  due to the low wages mostly.

The fraud here is the over charging for services to medicare/medicade just as are the charges for prescriptions, hospital fees, doctor fees, medical equipment rentals and everything else in the medical field.





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My nick name is Larry. I am from Saco, Me. I am 87 years old and my next birthday is July 30. Politically I am an independent. I graduated from Thornton Academy high school In Saco, Maine and had approx. two years at Purdue U. in Indiana. I have had many hobbies during my life. A few of them are drawing, painting, wood carving, Knife making, plants, Bonsai, ancestry and now this. I currently live in Brownsburg, IN.
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